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    Trademark Registration

    Trademarks are more than just trendy brand logos and designs. Trademark protection is a tool that can help brand owners monetize and expand their global impact. A trademark can be federally registered to protect your business name, brand name, logo, branding design elements and other signature aspects of your brand. Owning a federally registered trademark means that you will be able to stop others from infringing on your mark. You can then explore potential opportunities for licensing your brand while expanding on your brand's recognition and overall success.


    OMI provides various trademark registration options for businesses, big and small. Whether you are just getting started or looking to maintain an existing mark, we can help you protect and secure your brand.

    Legal Consultations

    Attorney Imoukhuede has spent years growing her experience with intellectual property both in the private and public sector. If you have any questions regarding trademarks or copyright issues, we can help! We also understand that sometimes you might not know what the best plan of action is. If you don't see exactly what you need, please set up a free call so we can determine if we can assist you in any way. After your complimentary consultation, we can set up something more tailored to get you going in the right direction.

    Copyright Registration

    Copyright registration is the crucial and affordable step towards legally protecting your creative works. From your original paintings, music, website content, or photography - federal copyright registration will enable you to limit infringement and collect sizable damages from those who wrongfully use your creative pieces.

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