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    Full Service Trademark Bundle

    We understand how important your brand is, and want to offer you a hassle free experience in registering your trademark. If you're not sure you have everything you need to get started, don't worry. All trademark clients receive a complimentary introductory call to determine the best plan of action moving forward. Our full service bundle includes:

    • Consultation
    • Trademark Clearance Search 
    • Search Opinion
    • Optional Follow - Up Consultation
    • Trademark Application Filing
    • Initial USPTO Communication  

    Contract Guidance

    Whether you are a new start-up or an established personal brand, we know that you don't always have the legal tools to navigate various business agreements. OMI believes in the value of customized contracts for your specific situation and needs, but also understand the value of reliable contractual templates to help you run the daily operations of your business. The following list consists of, but is not limited to the types of contracts OMI Legal can assist you with:

    • Coaching Agreements
    • Partnership Agreements 
    • Non-Disclosures 
    • Independent Contractor Agreements
    • Intellectual Property Clauses
    • Terms + Conditions
    • Privacy Policy
    • Service Agreements
    • Legal Disclaimers
    • Virtual Events + Services  
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