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Starting Your Law Firm

Setting Up The Systems

Starting Your Own Legal Practice?

Do you currently own your own law firm or have you considered venturing out on your own? Some suggest obtaining several years of corporate experience and others dive right into success straight out of law school. Really, I've actually seen it happen!

Of course, the money won't come instantly, but it is definitely a viable professional path.

If it's for you, there are some important considerations to evaluate first. Setting a reasonable budget, outlining a business plan, and deciding where to set up your office are all important steps to check off, but have you considered how you plan on actually running your business?

You know the BORING, yet very crucial stuff. How will you manage operations?

When we think of the word management, we tend to think of traditional office structures and supervisors. What we don't usually think of is how we will get paid. Who will organize files and where? What sort of operational systems will we use? These can feel like daunting tasks and get neglected by many first time business owners, but it doesn't have to be so scary. You can try doing everything on your own - manually, but there are so many incredible programs that can easily do these tasks instead.

With the rise in technology and affordable apps you can run a sophisticated legal practice in no time. Set up invoices, organize client contacts, and track deadlines like a pro with these systems:

Clio Promotes that they can help you "manage your firm, cases, and clients easily from the cloud—and get back more of your day". I have not personally tried it, but many legal clients of mine love it. Services range from $39 to $89 a month depending on your team size and CRM needs.

My Case by appfolio has been featured in Lawyerist, Solo Practice University, and Attorney at Work. Similar to Clio, this is a one stop shop for almost all of your law firm daily operations. Services cost $49 a month per user when billed yearly. See more about pricing and features HERE.

You might be operating remotely or providing virtual legal services. Perhaps you are strictly transactional and do not go to court for your clients. Well, if that is the case there are other unconventional systems designed to provide online signature capabilities, stored contract templates, and invoicing systems that track deadlines and task activity. You can do all of this and more with HoneyBook. I've used HoneyBook for several consulting projects and love the set up! Easy to use and affordable.

No matter what you decide to use, make sure to do your research. Make the best decision for your firm, budget, and specific goals. The investments are worth it in order to stay organized and provide quality services to your clients. Stop trying to do it all the hard way - there's a better way!

What are you using for your law firm? Share your favorite business tool. I'd love to check it out!

Written by Michelle Imoukhuede

Blog content does not constitute legal advice

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